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4 thoughts on “Add your comment Please!!

  1. Melissa (melimelo) 5年 ago

    Tsukiyoi is the group to discover and listen ! The show in Japan Expo was amazing : talent, emotions, we can feel it deep inside of us. Their music and performance transport us : a really fascinating and creative music.
    Best wishes for them !

  2. tetsu 5年 ago

    Thanxxxx for your special comment, It’s wonderful to know you. Tsukiyoi with love

  3. your fan in Taiwan 5年 ago

    I like songs such as Matsuri or Samsara. I often play a list of your songs while I need to calm down or have peace in the busy city.

  4. tetsu 5年 ago

    Hi krehya, We’re so happy you like our chilling songs. hope you have some peaceful time 🙂

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